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Fri Apr 19 10:46:18 EDT 2019

“You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job [as president] in
this constitutional republic if this body determines your conduct as a public
official is clearly out of bounds in your role,” said then Republican
representative — and now senator — Lindsay Graham.

Fri Apr 19 10:17:16 EDT 2019
Is the nuclear family home an architectural tool of repression and social control?

Fri Apr 19 10:16:52 EDT 2019
The vision of the home as a tranquil respite from labour is a patriarchal fantasy

Fri Apr 19 05:31:32 EDT 2019
Today almost everyone uses Youtube or any other video hosting provider to upload
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Thu Apr 18 19:43:39 EDT 2019
[error] DeviceReport.scala:64:74: missing parameter type for expanded function
[error] The argument types of an anonymous function must be fully known.  (SLS
[error] Expected type was: Unit
[error] def processUpdaterEvent(e : UpdaterEvents, st : DeviceReport) : Unit = {
[error] ^
[error] one error found
[error] (Compile / compileIncremental) Compilation failed
[error] Total time: 3 s, completed Apr 18, 2019 4:30:49 PM

Thu Apr 18 19:41:12 EDT 2019
exec static-or-index

Thu Apr 18 19:39:53 EDT 2019


Thu Apr 18 16:00:20 EDT 2019
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Thu Apr 18 15:59:17 EDT 2019
# [altid.github.io](https://altid.github.io/)

# All About Altid

![Title Image](/images/altid.jpg)


## What Is Altid?

  Altid is a [pao](http://tiamat.tsotech.com/pao) inspired playground, using
  filesystem\-based program state representations to decouple the runtime state of
  a program, from any particulars of how it is presented to the end user.

  This is really a fancy way of saying with altid, you don’t have to compromise
  with having applications that work well on one device, or are only available on
  one device.  Instead, you get what you need from an application, in a way that
  actually makes sense on the device you’re using.

## Why?

  The future is now.  We have computers that are quite functionally everywhere;
  and the price to put a screen on an arbitrary wall, toaster, fridge, table, etc.
  is no longer as prohibitative as it was.  The downside is that each of those
  screens is being used to display information in a manner which at best doesn’t
  work for everyone, and at worst is completely unusable.


  This is in no small part due to the nature and ubiquity of HTML, which defines
  the document structure and theme authoritatively; any compliant view of an HTML
  document should look as it was designed to look.

## What’s So Bad About That?

  The downside is that the content no longer matches well to the intent for many
  tasks, which are moving to web\-based solutions in unprecidented numbers.  A
  bespoke calendar service, which shows upcoming dates and appointments would have
  to be either positively master crafted to match well to the variety of devices,
  or leverage a stack of software with many millions of cycles of overhead, and
  many thousands of lines of code to bring edge cases when problems arise.  This
  difficulty to provide a satisfactory experience is mirrored in the variety and
  quality of solutions for a specific task, where many offerings are incomplete
  and\/or very limited in the scope of devices they’ll correctly work on.

## Most Of My Stuff Works Fine

  Great\!  You’re among the many satisfied individuals.  For many, especially the
  differently abled, the experience can be arduous for even the most simple tasks.
  As more services are moving strictly to the above described method, the
  situation threatens to worsen.

  That being said, discovery of satisfactory services is difficult.  Searching for
  applications on each platform you use, vetting their quality, and finding ways
  to integrate them with other services is thirsty work.

## What Is Altid Gonna Do About It?

  Leveraging an Altid network, adding a service that suits your needs is much more
  trivial; the overall state for a calendar of upcoming tasks is a set of lists,
  with links to the individual appointments \- very trivial indeed\!
The chance that you’ll need a bespoke client and server side solution is lowered
by Altid.  Many things can be wholly described via altid’s structure, as many
services are equally described via HTML.

## Alright.  Alright.  Where’s The But?

  Behind you.

  The downside for the average, happy user is as follows: services no longer
  describe the eventual user interface as fully as they do via HTML.  It’s
  inherently lossy \- a pdf document will not render in the preferred font, the
  page layout semantics will not be honoured, and the images will not be
  center\-justified or left\/right justified as they present in the document.

  If this is something you simply cannot give up, please feel free to contact the
  author of this page, [halfwit](https://github.com/halfwit) , and he will be
  happy to provide you a list of his favorite bespoke solutions for pixel\-perfect
  document production; but please read on, there’s another side to this coin.

## PAO

  In the very first paragraph, there was a link to an article about persistent
  application omnipresence.  If you didn’t chance to read it, a basic summary is
  that your applications follow you from device to device.  That is to say, you
  can stop midway through typing an email on your desktop computer, have to leave
  unexpectedly, open your phone, and continue typing exactly where you left off.
  This is a feature of quite a few interesting services; but it is non\-trivial to
  implement this well.  Also, the author explains that this should be the default,
  for every service that they want.

## An Altid Take On PAO

  Altid facilitates many of the tenets of PAO.  In addition, it challenges that
  the interface should match the device it’s drawn on \- browsing the internet on
  your mobile phone circa 2008 was a terrible experience, and only with much work
  from millions of people did it ever improve.  On the face of the problem, this
  is solved.  Taking a step back, it’s not even close to solved \- introduce a new
  device, such as a smart glass, a wearable, a toaster; and the design is back to
  the stone ages, unusable at worst, and less than ideal at best.

## Altid Clients

  Due to the trivial nature of implementing an Altid client, much care and time
  can be spent marrying the client implementation to the device it is presented
  on.  Due to the very simple interface to the underlying state, concerns about
  how arbitrary data will be presented can be assuaged, and the focus can be
  solely on presenting the data in the way that best makes sense.  Your toaster is
  safe from @media queries, finally.

## Further Reading

 - [Altid-flavored Markdown](/markdown.html)
 - [Architectural overview](/architecture.html)
 - [Using listen_address](/using-listen-address.html)
 - [Basic Setup](/basic-setup.html)
 - [Full TLS Setup](/full-tls-setup.html) - \(WIP\!\)
 - [The Complexity Tradeoff](/complexity-tradeoff.html)
 - [Writing services with fslib and

## Buy Us A Coffee, Buy Us A Beer

  Bitcoin \- 1LFfhizsBU8r9FpNDe6PdZNziDGvSopNyh

Thu Apr 18 14:10:08 EDT 2019
     enum char* errstrings[] =


	[Ealarm] "Alarm call",

	[Egreg] "Panic: out of mbufs",

	[Etoobig] "Arg list too long",


Thu Apr 18 11:23:54 EDT 2019
find /sys/fs/cgroup/unified -type f -name 'cgroup.subtree_control' echo '+memory'
> "{}" \;

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