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Mon Aug 12 16:00:37 EDT 2019

Billie Eilish is such a fucking idiot I hate her so fucking much.  She was
LITERALLY born into the music industry, and grew up in an area of LA where people
like Skrillex and Beck came from.  Her brother is a fucking professional music
producer yet people still want to sit around and talk about how fucking smart and
talented she is holy shit man.  "uhhh buh her voic is so good!" yeah maybe if
you're a fucking dipshit teenage girl that started learning how to sing from
taking choir freshman year of high school but obviously her voice is going to be
good.  Listen fuckhead, imagine you're born into LA, you're entire family works in
the music industry, you're parents put you in the fucking LA Children's Choir when
you're 8 years old, and you sing for literally you're entire stupid fucking
dipshit wannabe depressed life, obviously you're going to be able to sing very
quietly and do falsetto pretty well by the time you're 16 and your fucking MUSIC
PRODUCER BROTHER is helping you write music.  But that's not even the worst part
of Billie Eyelash, her stupid fucking wannabe depressed attitude.  Look, I get it,
she's 16, she doesn't understand her emotions yet.  But If she's 16 and want to
express her emotion, learn how to express it in a way that isnt the most fucking
vapid emotionless shit on the planet.  One of my favorite bands is Radiohead, and
Thom Yorke has a quote where, in regards to their music being sad, he talks about
how it's not about the music being sad, it's about using that emotion as
inspiration to make something good.  Billie Eilish is homeschooled and hangs out
with celebrities every fuckin day, but all she can manage to do with her emotion
is by basically bragging about being depressed 24/7 like it's some cool shit.  Is
there anything more annoying than those fucking idiot chicks you knew in
highschool that would talk about being sad all the time?  Then why the fuck are
you imbicils actually supporting this dipshit that just brags about being sad all
the time.  Jesus christ I hate Bully Goolash so fucking bad.