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Tue May 15 21:42:57 EDT 2018

cirno# cat /cfg/cirno/cpustart
# this file is run if service=cpu

# cp this file to /cfg/$sysname/namespace
# cd cirno; cp cpustart /cfg/cirno/cpustart

echo 'starting /cfg/'$sysname'/cpustart'

# 4 instances of cwfs64x are running and each is using
# until fsmempercent.  This is maxing out the memory.
# Hence, limit the max memory to 80% of the total
# memory available
echo 20 >/env/fsmempercent

for (l in monitor cron ddfreader ddfbackup backup ddfhistory) {
  test -f $f || touch $f
  chmod +at $f

ns >/tmp/monitor.ns
# these mounts are in namespace too.
# mirrored disk for ddf data
if(cwfs64x -f /dev/ddf/fscache -C){
  mount -c /srv/cwfs-ddf /n/cwfs-ddf
  # mount -c /srv/cwfs-ddf /n/cwfs-ddf-other other
  # bind -c /n/cwfs-ddf-other/usr/glenda/tmp /usr/glenda/tmp
  bind -ac /n/cwfs-ddf/usr/glenda/ddf /usr/glenda/ddf
  /usr/glenda/bin/rc/ddf/monitor.rc &
if not {
  echo 'cwfs64x command on the ddf mirror disk failed'

if(cwfs64x -f /dev/sdE3/fscache -C){
  mount -c /srv/cwfs-sdE3 /n/cwfs-sdE3
  mount -c /srv/cwfs-sdE3 /n/cwfs-sdE3-other other
  # do not put the /tmp/ mounts here as they will affect
  # the whole system.  Put them in profile when
  # started from drawterm, so the big /tmp/ will be
  # available for interactive use and not affect the
  # system stability.  Ensure that no cron jobs require
  # a big /tmp/ directory.
  bind -ac /n/cwfs-sdE3/usr/glenda/ddf/generated /usr/glenda/ddf/generated
if not {
  echo 'cwfs64x command on the ddf backup disk failed'

# put this in a & command to avoid hanging up the cpustart if it fails
# venti
	# the ip/ipconfig command below is hanging up cpustart
	# the loopback address is needed for the venti server
	cat /net/iproute>/tmp/iproute.before; cat /net/ipselftab
	ip/ipconfig -D loopback /dev/null add
	echo $status
	cat /net/iproute>/tmp/iproute.after; cat /net/ipselftab

	# start venti
	venti/venti -c /dev/bkp/arenas-st
	venti/venti -c /dev/bkp/arenas-lt
	ls /srv
	# start the vacfs on the latest ddf vac
	vacfs -h 'tcp!!17034' -S vac-ddf /usr/glenda/ddf.vac && \
		mount -c /srv/vac-ddf /n/vac-ddf

# system services

echo 'finished /cfg/'$sysname'/cpustart'