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Wed Feb 14 14:31:45 EST 2018

--- /sys/man/4/ftpfs Wed Jan 18 00:13:59 2012
+++ ftpfs.man Wed Feb 14 17:12:08 2018
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
 .B ftpfs
-.B -/dqnt
+.B -/dqntc
 .B -m
@@ -90,6 +90,10 @@
 To see all messages from the server use option
 .BR -d .
+By default ftpfs only caches while a file operation is in progress.  The
+.BR -c
+flag enables caching, increasing performance but allowing outdated file and
directory data to persist.
 Some systems will hangup an ftp connection that has no activity
 for a given period.  The
 .BR -K
@@ -183,13 +187,8 @@
 However, walking to any valid directory on that machine will succeed
 and cause that directory entry to appear under the mount point.
-.I Ftpfs
-caches files and directories.  A directory will fall from the cache
-after 5 quiescent minutes or if the local user changes the
-directory by writing or removing a file.
-Otherwise, remote
-changes to the directory that occur after the directory has
-been cached might not be immediately visible.
+If caching is active, remote
+changes that have been cached will not be visible.
 Attempting to walk to
 .IB directory /.flush.ftpfs
 will flush