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Sat May 15 00:33:35 EDT 2021


The line between social networking and gaming is increasingly blurring, and
internet incumbents are taking notice.  NetEase, the second-largest gaming company
in China (behind Tencent), is among a group of investors who just backed IMVU, an
avatar-focused social network operating out of California.

Menlo Park-based Structural Capital among other institutions that also joined in
the strategic round totaling $35 million.  IMVU has raised more than $77 million
from five rounds since it was co-founded by “The Lean Startup” author Eric
Ries back in 2004.  The company declined to disclose its post-money valuation.

The fresh investment will be used to fund IMVU’s product development and comes
fresh off a restructuring at the company.  A new parent organization called
Together Labs was formed to oversee its flagship platform IMVU, in which users can
create virtual rooms and chat with strangers using custom avatars, a product
that’s today considered by some a dating platform; a new service called Vcoin,
which lets users buy, gift, earn and convert a digital asset from the IMVU
platform into fiat; and other virtual services.

Founded in 2005, NetEase is now known for its news portal, music streaming app,
education products and video games that compete with those of Tencent.  It has
over the years made a handful of minority investments in companies outside China,
though it’s not nearly as aggressive as Tencent in terms of investment pace and

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Fri May 14 22:24:32 EDT 2021
;cd /sys/src
;mk all
Fri May 14 23:23:34 EST 2021
ar vu /386/lib/lib9p.a auth.8 dirread.8 fid.8 file.8 intmap.8 mem.8 req.8 parse.8
queue.8 uid.8 util.8 srv.8 post.8 mount.8 share.8 listen.8 rfork.8 thread.8
threadsrv.8 threadpostsrv.8 threadpostmountsrv.8 threadpostsharesrv.8
ar vu /386/lib/libString.a s_alloc.8 s_append.8 s_array.8 s_copy.8 s_getline.8
s_grow.8 s_memappend.8 s_nappend.8 s_parse.8 s_putc.8 s_rdinstack.8 s_read.8
s_read_line.8 s_reset.8 s_terminate.8 s_tolower.8 s_unique.8
ar vu /386/lib/libaml.a aml.8 amlmapio.8 amlunmapio.8 amlalloc.8 amldelay.8
ar vu /386/lib/libauth.a amount.8 amount_getkey.8 attr.8 auth_attr.8
auth_challenge.8 auth_chuid.8 auth_getkey.8 auth_getuserpasswd.8 auth_proxy.8
auth_respond.8 auth_rpc.8 auth_userpasswd.8 login.8 newns.8 noworld.8
8c -FTVw authpak.c
ar vu /386/lib/libauthsrv.a _asgetpakkey.8 _asgetticket.8 _asgetresp.8
_asrequest.8 _asrdresp.8 authpak.8 authdial.8 convA2M.8 convM2A.8 convM2PR.8
convM2T.8 convM2TR.8 convPR2M.8 convT2M.8 convTR2M.8 form1.8 nvcsum.8 passtokey.8
readnvram.8 readcons.8
r - authpak.8
ar vu /386/lib/libavl.a avl.8
ar vu /386/lib/libbin.a bin.8
ar vu /386/lib/libbio.a bbuffered.8 bfildes.8 bflush.8 bgetrune.8 bgetc.8 bgetd.8
binit.8 blethal.8 boffset.8 bprint.8 bputrune.8 bputc.8 brdline.8 brdstr.8 bread.8
bseek.8 bwrite.8 bvprint.8
for(i in 9sys 9syscall fmt port $objtype)@{
	echo $i
	cd $i
	mk $MKFLAGS install
ar vu /386/lib/libc.a abort.8 access.8 announce.8 convD2M.8 convM2D.8 convM2S.8
convS2M.8 cputime.8 ctime.8 dial.8 dirfstat.8 dirfwstat.8 dirmodefmt.8 dirread.8
dirstat.8 dirwstat.8 fcallfmt.8 fork.8 getnetconninfo.8 getenv.8 getpid.8
getppid.8 getuser.8 getwd.8 idn.8 iounit.8 nsec.8 nulldir.8 postnote.8 privalloc.8
procsetname.8 pushssl.8 pushtls.8 putenv.8 qlock.8 read.8 read9pmsg.8 readv.8
rerrstr.8 sbrk.8 setnetmtpt.8 sysfatal.8 syslog.8 sysname.8 time.8 times.8
tm2sec.8 truerand.8 wait.8 waitpid.8 werrstr.8 write.8 writev.8
SYS=`{sed '/^#define._X[123]/d; s/#define.([A-Z0-9_]*).*/\1/' sys.h}
for(I in $SYS) {
	i=`{echo $I|tr A-Z a-z}
	n=`{sed -n '/[ ]'$I'[ ]/s/.* //p' sys.h}
	if(~ $i (exits nsec)) i=_$i
	case 68000 68020
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVL '$'$n, R0
		echo TRAP '$0'
		echo RTS
	case mips
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVW R1, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVW '$'$n, R1
		echo SYSCALL
		if(~ $i (seek _nsec)) {
			echo 'MOVW $-1,R5
			BNE R1,R5,4(PC)
			MOVW a+0(FP),R5
			MOVW R1,0(R5)
			MOVW R1,4(R5)'
		echo RET
	case mips2
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVW R1, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVW '$'$n, R1
		echo ADD '$4',R29
		echo SYSCALL
		echo ADD '$-4',R29
		echo RET
	case spim
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVW R1, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVW '$'$n, R1
		echo ADD '$4',R29
		echo SYSCALL
		echo ADD '$-4',R29
		if(~ $i (seek _nsec)) { # untested so far - geoff
			echo 'MOVW $-1,R5
			BNE R1,R5,4(PC)
			MOVW a+0(FP),R5
			MOVW R1,0(R5)
			MOVW R1,4(R5)'
		echo RET
	case 386
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVL '$'$n, AX
		echo INT '$'64
		if(~ $i (seek _nsec)) {
			echo 'CMPL AX,$-1
			JNE 4(PC)
			MOVL a+0(FP),CX
			MOVL AX,0(CX)
			MOVL AX,4(CX)'
		echo RET
	case amd64
		if(~ $i seek) j=_seek
		echo TEXT $j'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVQ RARG, 'a0+0(FP)'
		echo MOVQ '$'$n, RARG
		echo SYSCALL
		echo RET
	case sparc sparc64
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVW R7, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVW '$'$n, R7
		echo TA R0
		if(~ $i (seek _nsec)) {
			echo 'CMP R7,$-1
			BNE 4(PC)
			MOVW a+0(FP),R8
			MOVW R7,0(R8)
			MOVW R7,4(R8)'
		echo RETURN
	case 3210
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVW R3, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVW '$'$n, R3
		echo WORD '$0x06000000'
		echo RETURN
	case 29000
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVL R69, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVL '$'$n, R69
		echo EMULATE 0
		echo RET
	case arm
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVW R0, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVW '$'$n, R0
		echo SWI 0
		if(~ $i (seek _nsec)) {
			echo 'CMP $-1,R0
			BNE 4(PC)
			MOVW a+0(FP),R1
			MOVW R0,0(R1)
			MOVW R0,4(R1)'
		echo RET
	case arm64
		if(~ $i seek) j=_seek
		echo TEXT $j'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOV R0, '0(FP)'
		echo MOV '$'$n, R0
		echo SVC
		echo RETURN
	case power
		echo TEXT $i'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVW R3, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVW '$'$n, R3
		echo SYSCALL
		if(~ $i (seek _nsec)) {
			echo 'CMP R3,$-1
			BNE 4(PC)
			MOVW a+0(FP),R8
			MOVW R3,0(R8)
			MOVW R3,4(R8)'
		echo RETURN
	case alpha
		if(~ $i seek) j=_seek
		echo TEXT $j'(SB)', 1, '$0'
		echo MOVL R0, '0(FP)'
		echo MOVQ '$'$n, R0
		echo CALL_PAL '$'0x83
		echo RET
	}} > $i.s
	8a $i.s
ar vu /$objtype/lib/libc.a *.8
rm -f *.8 *.s
r - _errstr.8
r - _exits.8
r - _fsession.8
r - _fstat.8
r - _fwstat.8
r - _mount.8
r - _nsec.8
r - _read.8
r - _stat.8
r - _wait.8
r - _write.8
r - _wstat.8
r - alarm.8
r - await.8
r - bind.8
r - brk_.8
r - chdir.8
r - close.8
r - create.8
r - dup.8
r - errstr.8
r - exec.8
r - fauth.8
r - fd2path.8
r - fstat.8
r - fversion.8
r - fwstat.8
r - mount.8
r - noted.8
r - notify.8
r - open.8
r - oseek.8
r - pipe.8
r - pread.8
r - pwrite.8
r - remove.8
r - rendezvous.8
r - rfork.8
r - seek.8
r - segattach.8
r - segbrk.8
r - segdetach.8
r - segflush.8
r - segfree.8
r - semacquire.8
r - semrelease.8
r - sleep.8
r - stat.8
r - sysr1.8
r - tsemacquire.8
r - unmount.8
r - wstat.8
ar vu /386/lib/libc.a dofmt.8 dorfmt.8 errfmt.8 fltfmt.8 fmt.8 fmtfd.8 fmtlock.8
fmtprint.8 fmtquote.8 fmtrune.8 fmtstr.8 fmtvprint.8 fprint.8 print.8 runefmtstr.8
runeseprint.8 runesmprint.8 runesnprint.8 runesprint.8 runevseprint.8
runevsmprint.8 runevsnprint.8 seprint.8 smprint.8 snprint.8 sprint.8 vfprint.8
vseprint.8 vsmprint.8 vsnprint.8
ar vu /386/lib/libc.a _assert.8 abs.8 asin.8 atan.8 atan2.8 atexit.8 atnotify.8
atof.8 atol.8 atoll.8 calloc.8 cistrcmp.8 cistrncmp.8 cistrstr.8 charstod.8
cleanname.8 crypt.8 ctype.8 date.8 encodefmt.8 execl.8 exits.8 exp.8 fabs.8
floor.8 fmod.8 frand.8 frexp.8 getfields.8 hangup.8 hypot.8 lnrand.8 lock.8 log.8
lrand.8 malloc.8 mktemp.8 nan.8 needsrcquote.8 netcrypt.8 netmkaddr.8 nrand.8
ntruerand.8 perror.8 pool.8 pow.8 pow10.8 profile.8 qsort.8 quote.8 rand.8 readn.8
rune.8 runestrcat.8 runestrchr.8 runestrcmp.8 runestrcpy.8 runestrecpy.8
runestrdup.8 runestrncat.8 runestrncmp.8 runestrncpy.8 runestrrchr.8 runestrlen.8
runestrstr.8 runetype.8 sin.8 sinh.8 strcmp.8 strecpy.8 strcspn.8 strdup.8
strncat.8 strncmp.8 strncpy.8 strpbrk.8 strrchr.8 strspn.8 strstr.8 strtod.8
strtok.8 strtol.8 strtoll.8 strtoul.8 strtoull.8 tan.8 tanh.8 tokenize.8 toupper.8
utfecpy.8 utflen.8 utfnlen.8 utfrune.8 utfrrune.8 utfutf.8 u16.8 u32.8 u64.8
ar vu /386/lib/libc.a getcallerpc.8 notejmp.8 vlrt.8 argv0.8 atom.8 getfcr.8
main9.8 main9p.8 memccpy.8 memchr.8 memcmp.8 memcpy.8 memmove.8 memset.8 muldiv.8
cycles.8 setjmp.8 sqrt.8 strcat.8 strchr.8 strcpy.8 strlen.8 tas.8 vlop.8
ar vu /386/lib/libcomplete.a complete.8
ar vu /386/lib/libcontrol.a box.8 button.8 cache.8 control.8 entry.8 group.8
keyboard.8 label.8 menu.8 radiobutton.8 scribble.8 slider.8 tabs.8 text.8
textbutton.8 textbutton3.8
ar vu /386/lib/libdisk.a disk.8 proto.8 scsi.8
ar vu /386/lib/libdraw.a alloc.8 allocimagemix.8 arith.8 badrect.8 bezier.8
border.8 buildfont.8 bytesperline.8 chan.8 cloadimage.8 computil.8 creadimage.8
debug.8 defont.8 draw.8 drawrepl.8 eenter.8 egetrect.8 ellipse.8 emenuhit.8
enter.8 event.8 fmt.8 font.8 freesubfont.8 getdefont.8 getrect.8 getsubfont.8
icossin.8 icossin2.8 init.8 keyboard.8 line.8 menuhit.8 mkfont.8 mouse.8
newwindow.8 openfont.8 poly.8 loadimage.8 readcolmap.8 readimage.8 readsubfont.8
rectclip.8 replclipr.8 rgb.8 scroll.8 string.8 stringbg.8 stringsubfont.8
stringwidth.8 subfont.8 subfontcache.8 subfontname.8 unloadimage.8 window.8
writecolmap.8 writeimage.8 writesubfont.8
ar vu /386/lib/libflate.a deflate.8 deflatezlib.8 deflateblock.8
deflatezlibblock.8 inflate.8 inflatezlib.8 inflateblock.8 inflatezlibblock.8
flateerr.8 crc.8 adler.8
ar vu /386/lib/libfis.a fis.8
ar vu /386/lib/libframe.a frbox.8 frdraw.8 frdelete.8 frinit.8 frinsert.8
frptofchar.8 frselect.8 frstr.8 frutil.8
rc: note: sys: trap: fault read addr=0x1 pc=0x00010c85
rc 1442: suicide: sys: trap: fault read addr=0x1 pc=0x00010c85
mk: date for (i ...  : exit status=rc 800: rc 1442: sys: trap: fault read addr=0x1
;ar vu /386/lib/libgeometry.a arith3.8 matrix.8 qball.8 quaternion.8 transform.8

;webpaste /dev/text

Fri May 14 22:17:00 EDT 2021
my veneers are on crooked.

Thu May 13 14:55:43 EDT 2021
#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>

void main(int argc, char *argv[])
	int i = 100;
	int v = rfork(RFPROC|RFMEM);
	switch(v) {
	case -1:
		sysfatal("Failed to fork.");
	case 0:
		print("I am the child.  i's address is: %p.  i's value is %d\n",
		&i, i);
		print("I am the child.  Now i's address is: %p.  i's value is
		%d\n", &i, i);
	print("I am the parent.  i's address is: %p.  i's value is %d\n", &i, i);
	i = 25;
	print("I am the parent.  Now i's address is: %p.  i's value is %d\n", &i,

Thu May 13 14:54:59 EDT 2021
#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <thread.h>

void otherthread(void *v)
	Channel *c = v;
	long long *p = recvp(c);
	print("Thread 2: P IS: %p and value is %d\n",
		p, *p);
	p = recvp(c);
	print("Thread 2: P IS: %p and value is %d\n",
		p, *p);
	p = recvp(c);
	print("Thread 2: P IS: %p and value is %d\n",
		p, *p);
	print("Thread 2 exiting.");

void threadmain(int argc, char *argv[])
	Channel *c = chancreate(sizeof (long long), 0);
	proccreate(otherthread, c, 4096);
	int i;
	i = 10;
	sendp(c, &i);
	print("Thread 1: P IS: %p and value is %d\n",
		&i, i);
	i = 20;
	sendp(c, &i);
	print("Thread 1: P IS: %p and value is %d\n",
		&i, i);
	i = 30;
	sendp(c, &i);
	print("Thread 1: P IS: %p and value is %d\n",
		&i, i);
	print("Thread 1 exiting.");

Wed May 12 13:38:15 EDT 2021
# minimal chat client for hubfs: chat [-n NICK] [-j CHANNEL] [chatsrv]
# dd -bs `{du -n /n/chat/chat | sed 's/ .*//'} -skip 1 -if /n/chat/chat
rfork enf


fn helpmessage{
	echo -------------------------
	echo '/q to quit | /c to list channels | /h for help message'
	echo '/n NICK to change nick | /j CHANNEL to change channels'
	echo -------------------------

fn close{
	@{echo kill>/proc/$catkill/ctl}

fn shutdown{

fn sighup{

fn sigint{

while (~ $1 -*){
	case -n
		name = $2
		shift 2
	case -j
		channel = $2
		shift 2
	case *
		echo bad flag $1 '-n NICK -j CHANNEL'
if(!  ~ $1 '')
if(!  test -e /n/$chatsrv/chat)
	mount /srv/$chatsrv /n/$chatsrv
if(!  test -e /n/$chatsrv/chat){
	echo 'no chat service named $chatsrv found' >[1=2]
	exit no.chat

echo ' -- hubchat 0.2 --'
sleep 2
while(~ $#name 0){
	echo 'please enter a chat name:'
cat /n/$chatsrv/$channel &

	case /q
	case /n
		if(!  ~ $talk(2) ''){
			echo nick $name ' -> ' $talk(2)
		if not
			echo 'you need to provide a nick for /n NICK'
	case /j
		if (~ $talk(2) '')
			echo must specify a channel to join
		if not if(test -e /n/chat/$talk(2)){
			cat /n/chat/$channel &
		if not
			echo channel does not exist
	case /h
		echo currently in $channel
	case /c
		echo Available channels:
		lc /n/$chatsrv
		echo -------------------
		echo currently in $channel
	case /me
		if(!  ~ $talk ''){
			line=`{echo $name $talk(2-)}
			echo $line >>/n/chat/$channel
	case *
# ts=`{date -u}
# ts=`{echo '('^$ts(4)^')'}
		if(!  ~ $talk ''){
			line=`{echo $name' → '$talk(1-)}
			echo $line >>/n/chat/$channel

Wed May 12 13:13:49 EDT 2021
    114 United States of America
     42 Germany
     34 Croatia
     32 France
     16 Brazil
     12 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
     11 Spain
     11 Russian Federation
      8 Netherlands
      8 Italy
      7 Portugal
      6 Turkey
      6 Sweden
      6 Israel
      5 Poland
      5 Denmark
      5 Canada
      5 Argentina
      3 Ukraine
      3 Iran (Islamic Republic of)
      3 Hungary
      3 Greece
      3 Australia
      2 Norway
      2 New Zealand
      2 Mexico
      2 Finland
      2 Chile
      2 Belgium
      1 Switzerland
      1 Lithuania
      1 Latvia
      1 Korea (Republic of)
      1 Japan
      1 Ireland
      1 India
      1 Egypt
      1 Czechia
      1 Costa Rica
      1 Colombia
      1 China
      1 Austria
      1 Aland Islands

Wed May 12 04:02:30 EDT 2021
; grep pc '#X/0/regs'
pc 0x000000000011008d
; acid k
k:amd64 ELF32 executable
acid: asm(0x8011008d)
0x8011008d 0x000000008011008d JMP 0x8011008c
0x8011008f 0x000000008011008f MOVW $0x3d4,DX
0x80110093 0x0000000080110093 MOVB $0xa,AL
0x80110095 0x0000000080110095 OUTB AL,DX
0x80110096 0x0000000080110096 INCW DX
0x80110099 0x0000000080110099 MOVB $0x20,AL
0x8011009b 0x000000008011009b OUTB AL,DX
0x8011009c 0x000000008011009c MOVL BX,0x110044
0x801100a2 0x00000000801100a2 MOVL $0x70307078,0xb8000
0x801100ac 0x00000000801100ac MOVL $0x110115,SI
0x801100b1 0x00000000801100b1 MOVL SI,DI
0x801100b3 0x00000000801100b3 ADDL $0x1000,DI
0x801100b9 0x00000000801100b9 ANDL $0xffffefff,DI
0x801100bf 0x00000000801100bf MOVL $0x111000,CX
0x801100c4 0x00000000801100c4 SUBL DI,CX
0x801100c6 0x00000000801100c6 ADDL CX,SI
0x801100c8 0x00000000801100c8 ADDL CX,DI
0x801100ca 0x00000000801100ca INCL CX
0x801100cc 0x00000000801100cc STD
0x801100cd 0x00000000801100cd REP MOVSB (SI),(DI)
0x801100cf 0x00000000801100cf MOVL $0x1100d6,AX
0x801100d4 0x00000000801100d4 JMP* AX
0x801100d6 0x00000000801100d6 MOVB $0xac,0xb8002
0x801100dd 0x00000000801100dd MOVL $0x110030,AX
0x801100e2 0x00000000801100e2 MOVL 0x0(AX),GDTR
0x801100e5 0x00000000801100e5 MOVW $0x10,AX
0x801100e9 0x00000000801100e9 MOVW AX,DS
0x801100eb 0x00000000801100eb MOVW AX,ES
0x801100ed 0x00000000801100ed MOVW AX,FS
0x801100ef 0x00000000801100ef MOVW AX,GS

Sun May 9 22:17:38 EDT 2021
	 * Initialise the AP page-tables and Mach structure.  The page-tables
	 * are the same as for the bootstrap processor with the exception of
	 * the PTE for the Mach structure.
	 * Xspanalloc will panic if an allocation can't be made.

Sun May 9 10:47:13 EDT 2021

exec static-or-cgi /sys/www/werc/bin/werc.rc

#if(~ $SERVER_NAME *){
# FS_ROOT=/sys/www/werc/sites/$SERVER_NAME
# exec static-or-cgi /sys/www/werc/bin/werc#.rc
#if not
# error 503

Sun May 9 10:24:58 EDT 2021
if(~ $location /.well-known/acme-challenge/*) {
	PATH_INFO=`{echo $location | sed 's,/\.well-known/acme-challenge(.*),\1,'}
	exec serve-static
if(~ $SERVER_NAME pmikkelsen.com){
	exec static-or-cgi /usr/glenda/www/werc/bin/werc.rc
if(~ $SERVER_NAME pprolog.org){
	exec static-or-cgi /usr/glenda/www/werc/bin/werc.rc
if not if(~ $SERVER_NAME git.pmikkelsen.com){
	exec static-or-cgi
if not
	error 503